Gayle king dating kevin liles

22-Oct-2017 22:37

Wishin': Part II [Verse 1: Black Thought] Yo, the voice of the announcer signing off Salvador, a connoisseur, a hot monologue Rachmaninoff, livin' life not by the law And I'm a product of that Rakim — God, Allah Forensic files, leaving 'em disemboweled, '87 style They chance slimmer than reverend Al or Kevin Liles Some friends are vile, still be peddlin' vials Off of eleven mile, they wishin' you would You prolly better reconcile The dark side of to who they rising in prominence My crown's taller than Suleiman of The Ottoman's Wiser than Solomon, mobilizing the following They try and give me the Nobel prize for novelists Peace to cats that rock MAC knowledge knowledges Hood astrologists, illegal anesthesiologists, yo El elefante, Bella Fonte Keep a regimen ready to give 'em hell if PRhyme say [Verse 2: Black Thought] Yo, post-traumatic stress, I wear it as a family crest I murder at its best, words that'll manifest causing cardiac arrest Budapest to Marrakesh, my slang Bangladesh My gang’s Clarence X, I'm life after death, the last Levine X Lettin' every other rapper know they better wear a vest I'm pulling in two hundred thousand for appearances I wrote a song about it, here it is, yo The creature feature search a preacher teacher torch Capture, rupture, rapture, reach her, the preacher He defeat ya, speak the ether, sneak then creep ya Say no peace to meet ya, can't nobody get with me Strong suits from Italy, chill, humility what I'm all about, ability, yo I wish a nigga would bring the hostility though You know how them boys from Philly be I'm like cyanide, creeping through the air ducts And I got a foul mouth, tell 'em kids earmuffs When I was at school, I was who to steer clear of Smoking a reefer in the bathroom, sipping Smirnoff When it came time for the pictures in the yearbook I was up in Paris like an American werewolf Years later, yo I'm an American hero verse evil like Deerhoof, if I let the bear woof They don't recognize me when I'm shopping up in Berdgdorf They just know I'm flier than the motherfucking airport Therefore they say I'm a sartorial gear whore, yeah [Verse 3: Royce Da 5'9"] Uh, Ascots on the tailor suits You artists throwing bands on the radio like they made you you I'm looking for artists on stage to throw tomatoes to The way I act you think I'm banned from radio, like Trae Tha Truth I don't really care, nigga, I'm getting yen I’ve got a C-63, V-Twizzy Benz I’m sitting in I'on, I'on, I'on give a fuck, any DJ anywhere I'on, I'on give 'em as a triple dare, I'll tie him to a swivel chair I'on give 'em spins, ha ha, I'on give 'em grins and count dividends Ask around by them D-Town niggas that'll leave you with a concert Full of dead fans and bloody merch Smoking dope that Celie...

Kevin Liles, former president of Def Jam Records, and Erika Jones, a woman once linked to pro basketball player Shawn Marion, will wed at Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham on Saturday, and it could be a star-studded event.

Jigga threw on the James Bond tuxedo with the classic dark shades.

Gayle King, Kevin Liles, D Nice and wife Melinda Williams, Veronica and Chris Lighty and Joy Bryant also attended the event.

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Word, I said, "yeah, yeah, when y'all wanna do that? , “Wishin' II” is a remix of the eponymous “Wishin'”, which originally featured Common.RMC parent Revolt TV is also partnering with Pepsi for a second year to bring back “Be Heard.” Slated for the conference's opening day, the showcase will spotlight emerging talent.

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